STEN produces exceptional accessories that outlive passing fashions without ever losing their appeal and modernity.

About Sten

Sten is a jewellery and accessories brand for men based in Västerås, an hour west of Stockholm Sweden. Launched in the end of 2013 by Alexander Paskota, Sten is about creating quality, handmade and timeless accessories that you’ll hopefully pass on to the next generation.
Today a typical fashion item has a lifespan of 6 months until they are being sold out in stores, Sten works against that. It will perhaps cost you slightly more when buying a solid, classic item — but it last you longer and saves you money and world resources in the end. We hope that you can see and feel that when wearing any of our products.

We want our products to look as good in 10 or 50 years as they do when they are new. So we exclusively work with natural materials such as stone, leather and solid metals in high quality. You won’t find any gold plating or dyed stones when buying a Sten item.